Working from home over the past few months has been challenging for me. It has been a delicate balancing act, juggling between self discipline regarding when work starts and ends, and separating home life from work life. Trust me, a division between the two is essential! For instance, on numerous occasions I've proceeded to log onto the computer only to find myself toying with the phone in front of the TV and work finally starts late at night! I have since tackled the difficulty of distractions over the past couple of weeks by following these four easy steps.

First Step

Draw a line between work life and home life. The two need to be perfectly balanced so that you can recharge and be more creative when you are online. Perform the same morning routine as you would if you were travelling to your 9 to 5 job. I personally find I'm more productive if I don’t sleep in and start my work at exactly 9am the same way as I would with my day job. The best thing is that without the travel time I get to sleep in anyway and that’s definitely a bonus!

Second Step

Set up your work desk just the way you like and keep it that way. I find that having your favourite things around you makes your work space much nicer to be at. Light up a candle if you wish, brew a pot of tea before you start work. Have your favourite blooms sitting pretty on your desk or even your inspirational quotes next to you. With your eyes constantly glued to the screen, these things will bring you peace and balance by the end of the day. Don't forget having good flow of light and air pouring into your workspace is also essential to bringing balance to your body. Try to place your desk close to a window or have a pot of greenery or air purifier placed within a close distance to cleanse the air within the room.

Third Step

Give yourself a break every now and then to get that coffee or have lunch at a nearby café. I always feel refreshed after having a quick bite to eat and/or doing some brief tai chi or yoga session.  Sitting down for several hours on end can take its toll on your back, so doing some stretches will help relieve the tension around the shoulders and the body.

Fourth and Last Step

Jot down the things you have achieved that day and would like to achieve the next day. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to do the things that you set out to do, give yourself a bit of credit for the things you have achieved that day. I tend to do the easy tasks on the list first, that way I can spend less time on the simple tasks and devote more time to the tedious tasks later on in the day. You can also continue harder tasks the next day knowing that a percentage of them are already completed. Another way to efficiently divide your tasks is by estimating how long each task will take. My work always gets done faster this way by allocating simple and easier tasks first. This sustainable diary is on my desk 24/7. Every little idea that comes to mind or every task that I want to get done (or even new recipes for dinner!) are jotted down. This is my go-to book for getting things done.

We welcome all your comments below and would love to know what you do to ensure productivity whilst working at home?

Credits: (Top to Bottom) via Myparadissi, Decordots, Cocolapinedesign 

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