I must say, I was utmost intrigued by the modern Japanese architecture of today since my recent visit to Japan which led me to this blog post. Confined by small spaces, Japanese architects have created the most simplistic and minimalistic era of modern design. I love the fact that space and maintenance are pared down to basics. Living in a small apartment of our own, we had to live in a space where compromise is not an option. Letting go of loads of possessions was bittersweet, (well more bitter than sweet), but are now happy with the things we brought in. Simplified living is always the key and we totally swear by it at SimplePalette HQ. Here are some amazing designs from thoughtful, talented Japanese architects.

Take a peek of the full tour of this house here. Pic credit: Kouichi Kimura Architects

Another one by Kouichi Kimura Architects. Browse through their interior pics here.

Some of you might have seen this pic which has gone viral over the past years. See more of the interiors here. Credit: Mizuishi Architects Atelier


Such a tight squeeze and even glows in the dark! This micro house has been named the "Lucky Drops". The name comes from a proverb where the last left over portion often brings you great fortune. This literally means that a tiny piece of land, the last left over piece in this urban context, has produced a beautiful liveable urban house. 

See more here: Pic by Tekuto Architects

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