Your home is your sanctuary for solace but don't you feel at times that you've just walked into a room full of mess? When you're feeling tired and lethargic at the end of the day, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning or washing. So here are 5 easy tips that will take less than 5 minutes to make your home stress-free.

Let there be light

Draw the curtains/blinds and open windows to let the morning air and natural light in. More exposure to natural light will immediately have a positive impact on your mood to face the day and who doesn't like the smell of morning dew?

Takes 5 mins or less depending on the number of windows you have.

A touch of green

Another mood booster is to incorporate pot plants in your living space. When surrounded by nature, you will feel calmer and less stressed to tackle that paperwork on your desk. Make it a little task to water your plants every now and then as another way of de-stressing.

Task: 5 mins but watering the plants may take longer.


Picture this. You're watching Netflix, bowl of fruit yogurt in one hand and remote in another, what do you do when it’s time to go to bed? Leave the bowl and remote on the table and head to bed or wash the bowl (3 mins) and place the remote (30 secs) in its place? Make the latter a task or just a habit to ensure that you wake up calmer knowing that the house is prim and proper when you get home from work.

Task: 3mins 30 sec (or less!)

Make your bed

Start your day off with a tidy bed, it will instantly make your room appear tidier even though you had a “what to wear” dilemma that morning and have clothes scattered all over your bed. At least your bed is made up and all you have to do is to hang those clothes back when you get home. Not to mention, nothing beats that feeling of getting into a made bed every night!

Task: 5 mins or slightly longer if you have so many pillows or layers and layers of sheets!

Spring clean your home

I feel a sense of fulfilment if I have less things in my home. Lesser things equal less mess and stress that can arise when one is surrounded by clutter. But hey I’m a girl, I love clothes, shoes and bags and would take any opportunity to fill up that closet of mine. However, I’ve been sticking to this rule and not waiting for spring to clean my home. De-clutter every three to four months to create more space in your home. I clear my fridge, deep clean my stove and donate or sell some of my unused clothes, bags and shoes as it tends to pile up in my closet. If you haven't already read this book, The Curated Closet, I highly recommend you doing so. This is a great book to read if you want to curate your closet to streamline pieces that can be worn easily and confidently. Always go by this mantra - less is always more!

Task: Obviously more than 5 mins but the feeling of satisfaction will go a long way.

 Credits: Image 1- 4 Via Cocolapinedesignlast image Stylizimoblog

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